‘Twas a dark and stormy morn when my night’s rest was jarringly disturbed by the sound of voices.  Then my wife’s elbow hit me hard as she mumbled – shut the alarm clock off.

I stumbled out of bed to the sound of heavy rain and wind.  Gathered up my gym stuff and headed into the bathroom for my morning ablutions.  Settled down on my throne to read the EW review of Hot Tub Time Machine when the electricity went off.  The lack of light was bad but the silence of the exhaust fan fortold of an odiforous time to come.  I quickly finished and shut the door behind me.  Opening the shade, I realized that the neighborhood was without electricity and the sky was too dark to be of any help.

I dressed in the dark and headed out.  My wife protested that I should just come back to bed – she was enticing – but my 52DC numbers are behind and I have to catch up.

Managed to get down stairs without killing myself.  Reached in the darkened fridge for the water bottle and set it on the counter.  Stumbled around the kitchen trying to pull things together.  Grabbed a cup and ran the water hot out of the faucet.  Found the bottle of instant coffee.  Found the tub of whey protein.  Managed to actually make my drink and drink it.  Went back to pack my gym bag.  The bottle of water was actually a half empty bottle of wine from the night before.  Put it back and felt around until I found the water.

The garage awaited me.  How do you get an automatic garage door open without electricity.  I clicked the unlock on my car – the lights went on and lit up the garage.  I found the manual release and actually lifted up the garage door by my own hands – wow. 

Headed out to the Gym.  Three blocks away there was electricity, and I was off and running – or at least driving. 

The gym was half empty – only the die-hards were there.  My workout was less than thrilling – but I got it done.  AND – I added 6 planks to the end.  That goal is going to kill me yet.

As I left the gym, I called the house – still no electricity.  Ten minutes later, I pulled up the driveway.  The automatic movement sensor kicked in and a loud thunderous voice boomed in my head: “let there be light.” 

It is still a dark and stormy morn.