I had mentioned that I had some heavy eating coming up.  Well it came and went.  Re-Feed Time.  Thank you Adam & Jeff for a great concept.

Dinner One was made by my wife.  There were choices and the food was relatively straight forward.  There was dessert, but it was not over the top.  I had a very limited amount of Carbs.  Actually, about one tablespoon size piece of a sweet potato cooked in the juice of the roast and some small amounts of this and that.   Finished with a small serving of dessert.  As we cleaned up, I gave away to guests or threw away everything that we were not going to eat again.  Did not want to have temptation floating around our fridge.

Dinner Two was at my Sister-in-Law’s.  Very similar meal but the carbs were all mashed up with added sugar.  So the sweet potato was in some sort of baked pudding – etc.  I had a tablespoon or two of each item.  I complimented her cooking and told her that the pot roast was excellent – which it was, and had my second serving of meat.  She started talking about her choice of meat – 2nd cut – a bit fattier but also with more taste – not a problem for me.  Then she added this and that – and I tuned out – until I heard – “and lots of Brown Sugar.”  WTF.  My wife looked at me and said, “you didn’t think it tasted like this without sugar?”  Huh?  Turns our there was a cup of brown sugar added for a 6 pound roast.

It was still not a bad re-feed time.  I have been doing Plan A, so my glycogen levels have been kept low.  I exercised the morning of both dinners and the next morning after both dinners.  Since I am not really attempting to lose any substantial amount of weight, these meals were really less than allowed on the later Plans.

I read that our body can only store approximately 1,800 calories worth of glycogen and that when we eat an excess of carbs, they are either immediately used for fuel or turned into fat.  I had been in a glycogen depleted state and no way did I eat close to that number.  

End result – No Problem – then – why am I beating myself up for eating what I am allowed to eat?