I work out at a New York Sports Club which is 8.5 miles from my home.  It is relatively convenient to get to since it is straight down a highway.  At the most, it is a 12-15 minute ride.  I had been taking my work cloths with me, showering and dressing there.  unfortunately, the men’s locker room is less than wonderful, so I have been going home. 

Trade off:  On the one side I use my own bathroom, do not have to drag my clothing to the gym, do not have to eat at a restaurant for breakfast or carry less than wonderful food, but I put an extra 6 miles a day on the car.  On the other side: every now and then I get to use the sauna, put fewer miles on the car and make it to the office a bit earlier.

Years ago, there had been a Nautilus gym about 1 mile from the office.  Nice.  My routine was to go there during lunch.  Many of the other businessmen in town would be there at the same time.  It was a fast work out, fast shower and back to work.  That place closed.  Last year a new facility opened in the building next to mine.  But – the cost – over the top.  This was a high-end place which theoretically built-in personal training with your workout.  No Way, in this economy was I going there.

Now a new game is coming to town.  A Retro Fitness gym is going to be opening within the next 60 days or so.  It is only about 1.25 miles from the office.  If I was going to go back to bringing my clothing and showering there it would be very convenient.  It is only 4 miles from the house, but through local roads and streets, so the time to get there is almost the same.

From the pictures and the layout that I saw, it will be large, with a super amount of cardio equipment and resistance machines – almost all of which – I do not use.  The free weight area looks decent but until I see it, I can’t tell.  For me, this is the most important area.  (How I have changed.)  I am unable to locate a clear area for floor exercises.  There is no sauna and the men’s locker room looks tight – but it will be new and clean, at least in the beginning.   There do not appear to be any rooms for classes nor a discreet spin area.  Neither of these are important to me.  

BUT – It is cheap – only $20.00 a month, which is $10.00 a month less than what I am paying.  Hey -$120.00 is real money – a night out on the town.  This is going to be an interesting decision.

EDIT:  Just got back from running an errand.  Construction is starting for a building that is reputed to be the new home of the New York Sports Club – the one I belong to.  I already know that the lease will not be renewed when it is up in about two years.  The bakery next door wants the space.  This new building is rumored to have a swimming pool.  No sign is up.  No marketing has started.  Wait and see.   Oh – yes – it is 4 miles from my home – and in a round about way – it is on the way to the office.