I normally work out early in the morning.  Those at the gym that time of the day are all working out before going to work.  The mean, median and mode age of this group is somewhere in their 40’s.  

I could not workout on Thursday, and Friday is my normal day off.  I had to make up the workout, so I went to the Gym at 4:00pm to get in a Cardio.  Cardio for me, is doing Count Downs.  The gym was crowded and I was afraid to do Kettlebell Swings with so many people around.  I limited the workout to 10 chin-ups paired with 10 squat thrusts with push-ups,  followed by a set of 9, then a set of 8, counting down to the final set of one. 

The chin-up bar I use is part of a bridge between two columns of weights on a multi-purpose station.  There were a group of 5 Dudes who had taken over this station.  These 5 guys where BIG.  They were probably in their late teens to maybe 21 – if that old.  They where muscled – their biceps are bigger than my thighs.  The air was filled with the Testosterone fueled ribbing of guys in the full throes of youth.  With their Tats, they looked like they were from central casting for either a football team or a prison exercise room.

I needed to get in and do my chin-ups.  I waited off to the side for an opening.  I felt like a mouse ready to grab the cheese from a group of cats.  Finally my opening came, I moved in and knocked off 10 chin-ups – and got out fast – heading to the other room to do my squat thrusts.  There were mumbles heard behind me, something to the effect of “Can You ****’n Believe that ****’n Old Guy?”

Now I was back, this time I jumped in to do a set of 9.  As I finished, I came down to the floor, I almost stepped on one guy.  He had positioned himself to hold my legs so that I could do a couple of more.  Nice.  Thanked him and told him that I was alternating these with squat thrusts.  Next time I came back to do 8, they made room for me.

Felt good all evening – still feeling the glow of being able to impress them.