The following was today’s Question of the Day posted by dejay and my Answer:

QOTD: Have you met someone in your life that has impacted you in some way with their words, their actions, their persona…. be it in your social, mental, spiritual journey? What kind of impact has this person or persons had on you? Or…is there someone who you know you are impacting?

AOTD: 40 years ago, when I was just starting out, I met a woman who was the force behind the parent movement to secure a place in the sun for their developmentally disabled children. That encounter, my off-hand comment that she should call on me when needed, and her taking me up on that, changed my life and gave a focus to my professional career. Last night, the organization she founded, now headed by one of her sons after her passing, had its benefit dinner, honoring Chuck Schumer, the Senior Senator from New York. It was a pleasure to be in the company of so many individuals, parents, friends, consumers and political leaders with whom I have travelled this road.

The event had an open bar, tray service and various cold and hot food stations spread around the room  Because it is not a set dinner, danger lurked at every corner.

I stopped at the bar and picked up a glass of Cabernet.  Not bad, a step above the usual house wine.

The trays being carried about where all bits and pieces of food wrapped in or coated with some type of carb.   It was easy to pass them up.  The hot food stations where a bit trickier.  One station was all pasta.  Took a peek and walked on by.  The other two stations where meat of various types being served on bread or in wraps.  I just had them pile the meat on the plate without the bread.  There was a central station of cold food.  It had various veggies, cheeses and cold meats.  Picked around off that table.

It is always easy to keep my focus at events like this.  There are so many people commenting on my weight loss and how I have been able to keep it off.  Tough to pile the wrong foods on your plate when you are being a role model.

Had a second glass of Cabernet.  If you do a lot of talking and schmoozing, there is not a lot of time to eat. 

The desserts where not all that enticing.  I did allow myself one item, a one inch cube of something sweet and chocolate.  Nice end of the evening.

Spoke to the Owner of the place.  I have known him for years and he is aware of my weight loss.  Complimented him on the food and said that except for the pasta station, I was able to eat, relatively carb free.  His next comment was interesting.  “My wife has diabetes, so I try to have food available for those watching their diet.”

This morning’s workout was great.  Had a lot of energy.  Maybe there was a bit more hidden carbs in last night’s food than I spotted.