Last night we baby-sat for my nephew and his wife’s 5 week old daughter.  They had a wedding in the area, so they parked the kid with us.  They all stayed over last night.  I was asleep when they finally got home.

I woke early and attempted to silently get out of the house.  Flipped on the light in the kitchen and was surprised to see the back of “mom’s” head.  She was breast-feeding her daughter.  Tried not to disturb them.  Her comment to dear old uncle – who she knew from before my weight loss – “you’ve really turned into a gym rat.”  I guess so.

Did my count downs this morning.  When I was done, I decided to try doing pull-ups.  Now, I have been doing multiple sets of chin-ups and have progressed to a substantial number of “full hangs.”  I have also included a number of exercises which focus on the upper shoulders and the scapula area.  The last time I tried to do a pull-up, I did a wide grip and the left rotator cuff was in pain for 2 months.  That is why I have stuck to doing the chin-ups – shoulder width.

This time I did the pull-up shoulder width.  I was able to do 3 without pain.  Happiness.  AND – this was after having done 55 chin-ups as part of the Count Downs.

I now have to figure out how to incorporate these into my workouts – carefully.  I do not want to re-inflame that shoulder, but I do want to be able to do pull-ups.  I may never be able to do wide grip pull-ups – but – then again – I never thought I would be able to do most of the exercises I am doing now.

For those who are going – what the hey is the difference.  Chin-ups are palms facing towards you, while pull-ups are palms facing away from you.  Pull-ups are harder than chin-ups.   On page 99 of the BBOE is a chart of the difficulty levels in and among these variations on the theme.

I am behind in my workouts and have a 4 day weekend away coming up.  I am going to try to get over to the gym and do a 2nd workout of the day.  Should be interesting.