Today – on the Boards – was interesting.  First was a post on the 52DC Forum from Capt DHD, who was down right giddy about his Tuesday check in with his Health Care Team.  In part, he said:

Diet & exercise, I’ll Be Dammed!
Great Vitals Day; Weight 204.6 (Down), BF 29.1 (Down), BP 133/80/49hr, (Down, and most consistent in range for years) INR 2.1 (In Range), Glucose 145 (Excellent for me) Keytones Negative.

AOTD; Payment vs. Reward? Hummmmm…
During a workout I will be really grunting out the last 5 SB pushups or on the last 20 second hold of a BOSU Ball Plank and I will say to myself “Push..Push…and we will ease up on the Squat Curl Presses…then I get to the presses and hammer through just as hard… body is saying to the mind “You Lieing Bas%^$d!”

The reward, look at the vitals above, could be the best in all of my adult life 

This was followed on the TNT Forum by JulienPDX who is Freaked out by his Blood Work. 

 So after 8 weeks on plan A; i got a physical.

Total Cholesterol: 223
(Normal <199 Borderline 200-239 High>240)
Triglycerides: 87 (Normal <149)
HDL “good” cholesterol : 38 (Normal 40-59)
LDL “bad” cholesterol: 168
(Normal <100 Borderline 100-130 High Risk > 130-159)

what am i doing wrong? there was a warning at the bottom saying my cholesterol was too high. I’m concerned now.

You have to check the Thread. By the time we were done peeling the Onion, it became obvious that he was not following the program as laid out.  He came to understand that – but not happily.

Here are two different guys approaching the same problem.  Both being relative newbies to the Low Carb world of TNT.  One has serious health issues that he has to track weekly – the other is still concerned about being able to go out with the “guys.”  Funny, the TNT demographic is Julien not Capt DHD.  Plans C, D, & E are designed for him.  Why didn’t he open his eyes.

I seemed to be relatively easy on him.  Others really beat him up.  I hope he came away from today with an understanding that he has to do a bit of reading and maybe even – horrors – studying.