Yesterday was a long day – way too long.  Up at 5:20.  Did a weight workout – upper body.  Completed all crunches.  Work was interrupted and painful.  But the cap – I taught an adult ed class from 7pm to 10pm.  Got home and to sleep a bit later than usual. 

When I woke this morning, I knew I was in trouble.  If I were not going away this weekend, I would have rolled over and gone back to sleep.  Made it to the gym.  Had in my mind that I would just do squat thrusts – nothing else – to get as many out-of-the-way as possible, then work on lunges and planks.  Just wanted to finish the 3600 numbers.  Did not happen.  The body just would not cooperate.  Admitted failure and switched to the dreadmill.  20 minutes later, I was doing planks.  20 minutes later, I walked out the gym door and headed home.  Definitely not the best workout, but I did get in another CT, another 40 minute workout and another 6 planks.

The only positive part of this morning – my weight was below 180 at 179.3 – so no complaints there considering what this weekend holds.  Staying with my Sister-in-Law and her husband.  They eat no fats – they only eat CARBS – highly processed ones to boot, while criticizing us continually on our poor eating habits.  Then there is the family event in Buffalo, the catered party and the breakfast the next day.  No question what type of food will be served. 

I am gong to quit my bitch’n.  I have the right to a re-load weekend.  I just have to make sure that it remains within bounds and does not turn into a Pig Out.

Edit: Just got back from the Doc’s office – one floor below me.  Today I was scheduled for an echo-cardiogram along with one of my carotid artery.  The Echo went well, but the damnable computer decided to act up and would not take the necessary measurements of the artery.  So – need to re-schedule.  No – I do not have “problems.”  This is part of a general physical. 

Footnote:  When my son was a very young child, echo-cardiograms were first being “standardized.”  We had to give permission for them to do it on him and there was no charge.  Now – a technician comes to my GP’s office, sets up the computer and equipment and does one every 15 minutes.  The wonders of modern medicine.