I would be out the door for my weekend away – except the bumper did not arrive at the repair shop on time – so he could not start the repair on time – so I sit and wait for a call that the work is done and I can pick up the car.  Then drop the other car off for service while we are away.  Timing should have worked – if the bumper had come in on time.  Of course, none of this would be necessary if my wife had not pulled out of the garage as the exterminator pulled into the driveway.

We have to stop at Wegman’s outside of Binghamton, NY.  Not happy about this.  But – the ladies have decided that they need to do a shop and we can eat dinner there.  

From there we head up to Lake Keuka which is the furthest west and smallest Finger Lake.  Beautiful area.  Quiet.  Restful.

I do need that rest.

Just got the call – the car will be ready by 1:00pm – Yippee.