We did end up meeting up with my wife’s sister and her husband at Wegman’s in Binghamton, NY.  I hate the store.  My SIL loves it.  The big question – for me – where and when do we eat.  We would not end up at their summer place on Lake Keuka, NY until close to 9:30pm.   She wanted to eat at the store’s eat-in or take-out area.  I did a little walk around while they shopped.  My answer – no effen way.  There was hot slop upon slop – carb loaded.  There was a nice salad bar – but – no real protein.  There was sliced meats on rolls.  NO – NO – NO.  We bought steaks for grilling latter.  We also bought a 1/4 of a pound of corned beef and some swiss cheese to hold us over.

Late dinner of grilled steaks and asparagus with a nice red wine.  Happy.

Had a clean normal breakfast and got on the road at 11 am for Buffalo – only two stops in town before we could actually GET on the road.  Why are men so different from women about just getting in the car and going?

Stopped on the road for a break – it was 12:30 or so.  We were not going to eat until 7 or so when the party started.  We got a bacon cheese burger without the roll.  My SIL and her husband got a large bag of potato chips to share.

The party was a sit down catered affair with an open bar and a DJ.  My wife’s family.  So many cousins – old and young.  Their parents’ generation had all died – the last went about a year ago.

Yeah – got a lot of double takes.  Wow – you look fantastic.  You’ve lost weight.  What are you doing.  On and on and on.  But then there was Ernie.  I’ve known him for 45 years now.  Asked my wife why I hadn’t come to the event.  “He’s here – over there – talking with Bill.”  – “No – can’t be – that’s not him.”  – Wife bet him $10.00 and almost made him pay up.

Danced hard and fast — did not even sweat that much.  Was not ashamed to take my suit jacket off.  No belly to hide.

Stayed clean except for a small dessert – chocolate – nice.

Next morning, I got up before everyone and headed to the Exercise “Closet” at 6:45am.  Grabbed a coffee and got on the treadmill.  40 minutes of less than a wonderful time – I completed one CT and one more of the 40-4-40s.  Got cleaned up and went to breakfast.

My SIL is a big fan of the Original Pancake House. Click on that and take a look at what we had for breakfast. The Dutch Baby had added fresh strawberries. The Apple Pancake was hugh.  The wife and I ordered one of each and shared them. 

We got back to Keuka Lake mid afternoon, bought some steaks to grill and then went to a winery for a tasting – fun.  Picked up a bottle for dinner and a couple to bring home.  One tasted like the grapes my mother grew in our back yard.

Those pancakes took us right through dinner.

Monday morning, got up and on the road early.   Ended the weekend and a 6 hour drive by heading to the gym and getting a 40 minute cardio completed – now that is just sickness.  Got up this morning and got in an RT.  Back on track – I should be able to complete the 52DC without doing a double.