There – I admit it.  I am a Carb Snob.

TNT Plans C, D and E allow you to have a period of time in which you are allowed to eat Carbs.  Preferably, you are to eat highly complex Carbs, balancing the increased calories by reducing your fat intake.  You almost end up like the Abs Diet Plan for that period.  The authors – catering to the younger “Guy” – admit that this is the time you can eat pizza and your other favorite simple Carbs – so you can be “one of the guys.”  The Proviso is simple:  You can eat the Carbs because your muscles are in a glycogen depleted state and all you are doing is re-loading the glycogen – not overloading.

Not me.  I am beyond that point.  Eating at the Chinese Buffett, the local Pizza Parlor, the chain Tex/Mex or similar Troll/proletariat food is no longer a joy.  It is the easy road to Hell.

If I am going to eat Carbs – damn it – they had better be something special, Top-of-the-Line. 

Does that mean that I will never eat Pizza or some other type of “Guy” food, of course not.  I am human.  BUT – I will not be cycling in that type of food on a regular basis.

So my personal Plan – after 3 years of eating this way and being at my goal weight – is very straight forward:  My basic eating is Plan A or B depending on my weight at the moment and exercise regime.  I will then have a meal with some carbs – on special occasions or at special restaurants.  That can be once a week or it can be less or even a bit more.  Not a carb weekend – but a carb meal or two.

This has been working for me.  In my head, I look at the Carb in front of me or on the menu and before I go for it, I ask myself:  “Is this really worth the indulgence?”  Most of the time the answer is no.  When the answer is yes, I take a bite, relax and enjoy – guilt free – because I am not cheating; I am following the Plan.