Prior to the start of this Challenge, I set my cap on doing Count Downs as my Cardio workout.  You start with 10 chin-ups, followed by 10 single arm Kettlebell swings, then 10 squat thrusts with push-ups.  Catch your breath then do a set of 9, then 8, etc.  When you are finished you have completed 55 repetitions. 

When I started these, I could not complete the first set of 10.  By the time this Challenge started, I was able to do the full 55 but with significant rest periods between each set.  Also, there was nothing elegant about my getting up from the squat thrust.  A sky-hook or Hoyer lift would have helped.

Today, I finished the 800th squat thrust.  What I realized was that I could almost bounce up from the floor.  Sill not perfect – but – hey – I’ll take my progress where I can.  My chin-ups have also become more “full hang” than not.  And – the amount of rest between sets has reduced to the point that I have to add other exercises to the mix in order to stretch the workout to 40 minutes – thank you once again TJAK.

Nike’s catch phrase, “Just Do It,”  really sums it up.  Repetition is the name of the game.  Just keep on doing it and eventually it will happen.  These Challenges have proved that to me, first with push-ups, then with chin-ups and now with squat thrusts.

What next?  I believe that my focus is going to be the pull-up – shoulder width – if my left rotator cuff behaves.