I have not exercised since Thursday, May 6th.  This is a pretty long stretch of intentional rest.  My wife can’t believe it.  To tell the truth, neither can I.

There are three reasons that I am taking time off.  First, you should.  Second, I have no idea what workout I will be doing.  Third, this is the week we transition my mom from the Nursing Home Rehab Center to an Assisted Living Facility.  This effort has been overwhelming.  Aside from the physical move, the coordination of various medical and care providers has been overwhelming.  The Normandy Invasion took less planning.  The move is Wednesday.  I want to be back in the gym on Saturday.

Spoke with my brother this evening.  He is 68, 3 years my senior and is going in to have his left rotator cuff reconstructed.  Heavy Duty.  The last straw of his injury occurred when he was rear-ended by a truck.  Had his hands braced on the wheel to absorb a head on shock of hitting the car that cut him off in the front – got slammed in the rear instead.  Now – the shoulder is beyond therapy.  He blames his initial injury on weight lifting, bench presses and overhead presses.  I wonder.

I have been focusing, in part on shoulder exercises.  I hope that they will help ward off his level of injury.  As it is, I have some pain in my left rotator cuff.  I know the machines that did this to me, and I know that wide grip pull-ups are not my friend.  I will continue to work on various shoulder exercises and close grip pull-ups. 

Decisions – decisions – decisions.