My last workout was last Thursday.  Went to the Gym this morning to try the new program.  Just could not wait until Saturday.

Capt was right.  The single leg barbell straight leg dead lifts are not easy.  I did them with the Bar only.  It is not the weight.  It is the balance.  Man – never put me on a tight rope or even ask me to walk a straight line sober.  This one will take work.

The Planks are another thing.  They can not be 12 reps at 30 seconds.  It will take 15 minutes to do them.  Given the work I did on the Planks during the last 52DC, I will switch these to 1 rep sets at a 60 second hold.  That will be more than sufficient.  Build in an abdominal rock during the time between sets and end with a stretch.

The others I kept at light weights and focused on form.  That meant the squats were full squats – as low as I good go.  Keep thinking about sitting down on the John and getting back up.  One way to understand that my body must do these at full extension.

No question that watching my 94 year old mother using the Medicare provided electric chair to stand her up keeps me focused on the value of squats.

Finished with a two sets of 5 full hang chin-ups.  There is a significant difference in the degree of difficulty between full hang with no tension in your muscles and 95% hang with tension remaining.  That little bit of tension makes the next chin-up much easier.

Saturday will be work out B.  I am not pushing the cardio at this time.  Will pick that up later on.