This particular exercise was probably invented by the Bulgarian who came up with the Split Squat.  In my mind’s eye, he was a circus tight rope walker and used these unilateral exercises to prepare for his feats of daring-do.

Bluntly – I “ain’t” no high wire performer.  Doing this exercise – I look more like the Clown on the Ground mimicking his movements and falling over for laughs.

Balance exercises are critical for guys my age – so they repeatedly tell me.  I will continue to do this – until I conquer it.  😦

I expanded the Planks to 6 reps x 60 second holds.  The first 4 – no problem.  By the 6th – I felt it. 

So – now I have two exercises to work on.

PS: Impressed the wife yesterday.  She was doing work in the garden and uncovered a large stone.  Called me over for help.  We got it loose from the surrounding dirt.  She said, “we need to get someone else to help you lift that out.”  I bent down as if doing a dead lift, grabbed it and lifted it out without a problem.  Ended up being about the size of a 45 pound plate and weighing about the same.  🙂