I have not been pushing myself during this inter-session.  Basically working out 3 days a week for maybe 30 minutes or so.  Just want to keep the joints lubricated.

When I do that short a workout, I only have the pre-workout protein shake.  I am not doing enough to warrant the increase in protein and definitely not doing enough to warrant a Plan B shake. 

I did Workout B.  I held onto the flat surface of the Bosu half ball platform while doing the mountain climbers.  It did add a bit more difficulty and engaged more core muscles.  I will continue doing that.  I also did a couple of sets of shoulder width pull-ups.  I did not go to full hang nor did I push myself.  I want to build these up slowly. 

One week from now starts the 52DC and I will be back to 40+ minute workouts 6 days a week.  Going to be interesting to see how I can make this happen with 9 days carved out for vacation.