This morning was a Cardio workout.  I went back on the Treadmill after time away and started working on Intervals.  Not happy.  Still do not like it, but it is necessary.  Did that for 20 minutes and then moved on to components of the 3600 and Century Challenges.

Those components are going to be tougher than I thought.  In no specific order, some realizations:

  • Dips work most of the same muscles as push-ups.  I need to do push-ups almost every day.  How am I going to get those dips in?   This may be a matter of timing.  Do the Dips early in the workout and the push-ups at the end.
  • Planks are a similar problem to the Dips.  Time is going to be a big problem here.
  • Squat Thrusts.  I may have to alternate days between Treadmill and Squat Thrusts.
  • Crunches:  I will probably hit the 100 continuous Swiss Ball Crunches shortly.  Probably could do it now on a day that I do no other exercises before them.  I still need to hit 800 on the 3600 Challenge – so I will try to hit both goals at the same moment in time.
  • Chin-ups – take a break and lose your ability.  Starting to build that one back up.  And – once I re-coup my levels – I will start working on Pull-ups.

Nothing is easy.  That is good.  Looking forward to our time away.