Because I am going away this Friday for 9 days and expect to have limited ability to work out, I did not rest on Friday.  This was not over doing it since I did not workout hard on Monday and Tuesday.  But – and here’s the catch.  I worked out at 4:00pm and then again this morning at 7:00am. 

15 Hours rest instead of 24.  I felt the difference, no question – I was stiff.  Did a full workout focusing on the 3600 goals as a cardio circuit.  Came home and stood under a hot shower for 15 minutes.  Needed that.

Tomorrow is an RT.  Monday the Gym does not open until 1:00pm for Memorial Day.  Town Law.  The shopping malls – on the other hand – open early.  Go Figure.  May take Monday off – we’ll see.

Edit 3:00pm

Just got back from shopping – and shopping and more shopping.  Painful.

Purchased a Tux.  Spent more than I should – but – fit – damn it – the fit is always a problem.

Having lost the weight, my natural Lack of Ass becomes obvious.  My legs are thin.  BUT – and here is the big, big but:  My belly is the place where the loose skin has gathered.    I have said it previously – if I lose more weight, I will look less than healthy, the loose skin will still be there, but with less of a layer of fat under it.

End result is this – if I buy based upon the measured sized of my waist, the pants look like bags.  Clown Pants – simple as that.  So I have to buy based upon the rest of the fit, and let out the waist a bit. 

I bought DKNY.  That brand has a much slimmer cut to its clothing.  Does not hang like a bag.  Flat front – tight behind – slim legs.  Just need to let out the waist enough to eat dinner.

But it does look nice – damn nice.