Went to the gym this morning – about an hour later than usual – hey it is a long weekend.  Aside from doing my regular RT, I did the progress Test for the Century Challenge.  Here are my numbers.

My numbers for Sunday, May 30th – Day 5 (9.62%):

  • CE: 10/10/94 (10.64%)
  • RT: 3/18 (16.67%)
  • CT: 2/16 (12.5%)
  • PG1: 3600 Challenge: 1394/3600 (38.72%)
  • (Chin/pull-ups): 112/800 (14%)
  • (Crunches): 670/800 (83.75%)
  • (Push-ups): 486/800 (60.75%)
  • (Dip): 75/600 (12.5%)
  • (Squat Thrusts): 45/400 (11.25%)
  • (Planks): 6/200 (3%)

Century Challenge:

  • 5/26/10 Base Test: Crunches: 60, Push-ups: 40
  • 5/30/10: Crunches: 80, Push-ups 50

Progress is being made.  I should be able to push through the swiss ball crunches without a problem.  Let’s see how far above 100 I can get by the end of the Challenge.  The Push-ups are another thing.  I will get close – how close – no idea.

Went to brunch with friends.  Hot sunny day.  We sat outside.  Wrong call.  Ducking from the Sun the entire time.  There was enough Protein and Veggies to carry the day.  It covered breakfast as well as lunch.   The cost might as well have been NYC rates.  Way too high for the level of proletariat food served.

My friend – she is in her mid 50s and keeps herself fit – bought 5 sessions of Bikram Yoga.  Yes – that is the  hot yoga – 120 degrees hot – that TommyLandNYC does.  The difference – he is at least half her age and is in way better shape.  She has pronounced the entire attempt as crazy and is classifying the wasted money as a lesson learned.