Got to the Gym at 1:30pm, it had finally opened at 1:00.   It is a beautifully sunny and hot day here in the lower Hudson Valley.  I expected the Gym to be empty, since everyone would be at BBQs inhaling beer and calories.  Surprise – the place was packed. 

Today was a cardio day.  I did the Count Downs to start building up my squat thrust numbers.  That gave me 56 Squat Thrusts, 56 Chin/Pull-ups and 56 push-ups.  I continued on doing push-ups and brought in 140. 

Moved onto the Swiss Ball Crunches – Sound the Trumpetsdid 100 in a row.  Then finished with another 50.  Happy.

Completed the morning off with 6 Planks and 10 Dips.

Rewarded myself with time in the sauna.  Nice.