The alarm went off at 3:30 a.m.  Friday – ouch.  Stumbled our way to the airport.  Got there on time, but faced the new strict regs about carry ons.  Since I was carrying a Tux and my wife’s dress in a plastic cover – that was one too many carry ons.  Cost us $30 to check one of the bags.  Annoyed.  The flight went through Washington, DC – not a bad layover.  Made it to our hotel – only to find out that we screwed up the reservation and they had no more rooms.  Went to a hotel down the street – lucked out.  Happiness.

Took a nap – needed that.  Then wandered around downtown Nashville.  There are several blocks that are reminiscent of Bourbon St., New Orleans.   No Jazz or Blues – just country music.  Youth everywhere.  We spotted the Nash Vegas shirts and an eatery called Noshville.  Bought a straw hat and a black cowboy style hat.  I am a hat guy – have maybe 30 or so, and change them around for the seasons.

Joined the wedding party and all my cousins for the “desert reception.”  Yes – I had already declared this a re-load weekend – so I did indulge – but nowhere near the level I would have a couple of years ago.  Spent time catching up with family and sharing laughs and some tears.  The bride’s dad has been fighting cancer all winter.  He is in remission and looked good – and he looked happy.  My eldest cousin – who is about 69-70 had a triple bypass this past winter.  He is happy he lost 45 pounds – looks like hell.  Not smiling, except when he talks about his kids and his new granddaughter.

Saturday morning, I got in a cardio workout at the Hotel’s mini-exercise room.  We then spent part of the day on an amphibian bus/boat touring the city and eventually in the River.  What a mess.  But the city is recovering – ever so slowly.  There was a “Taste of Nashville” event.  About 8 blocks worth of little tents each featuring some local bar or restaurant’s drinks or food.  We bought our tickets and wondered around.  We were able to pretty much stick to our guns – as my wife said – save it for the wedding.  Hot – hot day – A lot of walking.  Another Nap.

The wedding was beautiful.  The bride glowed – the Groom stood tall – hey – he is easily 6’4.”   We are happy for them. 

Interesting, as enjoyable as the wedding was – it did not compare to a similar event done NY style.  The food was good.  I limited my indulgence – mainly to the tray service before the meal.  At the meal – I ate as I normally would.  Desert – nope – just had a few fresh strawberries – of course they were dipped in Chocolate.

Today was a travel day.  More of the same BS about carry-ons.  Ah well – it is over.

We are in Florida – the place is in good shape – meaning the AC works.  We took a dip in the pool and shopped for dinner.  Had a glass of wine with the steak we grilled for dinner – Nice.

Tomorrow – I need to figure out where and how I am going to get my RTs in.  The Cardio – no problem – they got new treadmills and there is the pool.  The RTs – well – we’ll see.