The Forum Boards are dead.

The number of Challengers reporting regularly are de minimis.

The updates of the various Blogs are few and far between.

Could it be the time between the end of school and the start of summer camp?

Or – summer vacations happening now?

Or – just the summer blahs?

Today is a hot – hot – hot day.  Got up early and put in an RT.  Added several components of the 3600 Challenge.  Tomorrow is a CT.  Since I am doing Count Downs as my cardio workout, I will get more Challenge numbers competed.

Having a hard time focusing on the 100 push-up challenge.  I took on too much so trying to focus just on that one aspect is tough. 

Ah well – it is hot – who cares – wish my pool was fixed, would love to take a dip.  They claim it will be up and running by Friday.