Over the last three years, I have experienced a myriad of changes.   Yes – I have lost 80 pounds and I have been exercising.  That is just the surface.  I have also learned how to maintain my weight using the TNT Low Carb approach and have advanced from using a couple of machines 3 days a week to free weights and body weight exercises 6 days a week.

That is what I have been doing, but what are the results – in a functional – day-to-day reality of life?

  • There have been plenty of health benefits.  My Doc is thrilled with my blood work.  So am I.
  • Summer is here and I actually fit into all of last summer’s clothing – ok – a couple of pieces are too big and have to be given to Charity.  I have become a bit more finicky about how clothing fits.  I will no longer wear loose-fitting bags.
  • All that exercise has resulted in some nice functional benefits.   I can: 
  • walk up a flight of steps without having to hold onto the banister and haul myself up the stairs.
  • move all the summer furniture out of storage and spread it around.  Only need help in handling the larger pieces – thank you “Chin-ups and Curls.”
  • lift the heavy airline carry on luggage into the overhead racks – thank you “shoulder presses.”
  • lift heavy rocks out of the garden – thank you “dead lifts.”
  • get up from a seated position without assistance from my arms – thank you “Squats.”

Previously, when I had to get down on the floor to find the “thing” that rolled under the desk or do some similar act, I had to plan it out.  How was I going to get my overweight body down, how was I going to fit under the desk and how was I going to get my body back up.  I had to make sure there was a chair or couch near by to haul myself up.

Today, I can get down, fit into tight spaces and get back up without assistance. 

This morning was another awareness.   I was doing Planks – hate them.  Finished the set and went into a stretch position on my knees with my head on the ground and arms out.  Now I was on my knees, exhausted from an hour plus workout and needed to stand up.  I’d be damned if I was going to crawl to the near by railing or put my hands down on the floor to stand.  Not this old man.  I grabbed my towel and stood up.  Thank you “Static Lunges.”  Yep – I had done a couple of sets of them earlier and realized as I stood up, that I was in the Static Lunge position.

It is always good when things come together and you can actually see the benefit of your labor.