Today is Day 37 of the 52 DC.  Two weeks left to complete our goals. 

Today was supposed to be a CT day.  My plan:  Do 20 minutes on the treadmill and work on the couple of units of the 3600 challenge that are dragging.  Also, push the push-ups – need to close in on the 100 mark.

I hate the treadmill.  I hate doing any cardio machine.  Run, walk, peddle, climb or glide to nowhere.   Just not my thing.

I started doing sets of bodyweight exercises that are part of the 3600 challenge.  Pushed hard with no rest between them, except for walking from one spot to the next.  I remembered an article which suggested that as part of this circuit, you hop on the treadmill for a minute or so run, and continue with the circuit.  Did it.  Wow!  Got the heart rate up and did not feel as if I was running to no where. 

What a workout.

Hit 75 push ups – lousy form – but WTF  – I may hit my mark yet.