I have made my opinion well known – I am not a big fan of Soy.  Once I realized that Soy boosts Omega – 6 and may have an unexpected impact on men’s hormone balance – the decision was made:  limit it in my diet.

This was not hard.  I have been eating TNT Plan A which by its very nature limits processed foods where Soy is a big ingredient.  I have not paid attention to the Soy that is in condiments, since the amount I use is limited.  My biggest source of Soy – Mayo.  I have noted that soy is a minor ingredient in unexpected places, such as a Pure Olive Oil grill spray – with Soy.  More often than not – it is the source of lecithin.

So – why this post.  My 2 1/2 grandson has been diagnosed with several food allergies.   Peanuts are the most severe, but soy is also an allergen.  It does not have the same life or death reaction as peanuts – but there are asthma like symptoms which show up.  Some countries have banned soy in baby formula because of this connection.

Yesterday was July 4th.  The family was gathering for swimming and BBQ.  My job – pick up the hot dogs. 

I have learned to read the labels.  Can’t have Soy and it can’t be made on machines or in a plant that also processes peanuts, soy and a list of other foods that drives his parents crazy.  I could not find a package of hot dogs without soy.  I aimed for the All Beef – nope – although soy was not an ingredient – it did contain a warning that it contained soy.  Bluntly, I do not understand the label.  I searched – read – squinted and ended up walking out of the grocery store empty-handed.  Ok – not completely empty handed – I did pick up a case of light beer.

Since it was the 4th – not all stores were open.   The Health Food store had “healthy” soy hot dogs.  I ended up at a small butcher shop.  3 different brands of All Beef – all contained Soy.  As I was walking out, the lady at the front counter asked me what I was looking for.  She directed me to a freezer case and a small stack of frozen hot dog packages.  Hurray – No Soy.  The brand:

999 No Trite – Beef Delight Hot Dogs.  12 oz pack of uncured cooked beef frankfurters, no MSG, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients, no nitrate or nitrite added.

1 Frank = 42 grams or 1.5 ounces.  110 Calories of which 80 are Fat.  ZERO Carbs and 6 grams of protein.

On the ride home, I proudly called my son to tell him my discovery.  He commented that he had found another brand, Applegate Farms – also aimed at the “no added anything” crowd.  The kids hated them – but – “don’t worry dad – they’ll eat the hamburgers.”

I cooked up the hot dogs – not bad – in fact – pretty good.  They make Italian Sausage as well.  One of the ingredients is sugar, so I am going to have to read the package and see just how much is in them.

I am happy.  Not only have I found a Soy free product but a hot dog that is free of a lot of other secondary crap – but as with everything – a bit more expensive.

Edit 7/6/10:  “Do Omega-6 Fatty Acids Promote Fat Accumulation?”  Dr. Joyce Nettleton, as published in Dr. Jonny Bowden’s Blog.