Today is Day 43.  There are 9 days left to this Challenge.   Since Fridays are my day off – I have only 7 exercise days left.

My numbers as of Wednesday, July 7, 2010, Day 43 (82.69%)

Core Goals:

  • CE: 86/86/94 (91.49%) Assuming I do not lose it at dinner tonight.
  • RT: 19/18 (105.56%) This has been the Beach Ready workout from the Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises
  • CT: 18/16 (112.5%) This has been varying combinations of dreadmill and bodyweight circuits.

Personal Goals:

  • PG1: 3600 Challenge: 3558/3600 (98.83%) For the most part, these are in addition to my RT & CT workouts.
  • (Chin/pull-ups): 952/800 (119%)
  • (Crunches): 2071/800 (258.88%)
  • (Push-ups): 3000/800 (375%)
  • (Dip): 705/600 (117.5%)
  • (Squat Thrusts): 400/400 (100%)  Can you tell that these are only 2nd to Planks for “Least Liked Exercise.”
  • (Planks): 158/200 (79%)  7 exercise days @ 6 reps per day = 42 reps – the amount left to be completed.

These two goals are actually the Century Challenge – do at least 100 continuous repetitions of the exercise.

  • PG2: (Swiss Ball Crunches): 201/100 (201%)
  • PG3: (Push-Ups): 75/100 (75%) — This has become a problem – a wall – a road block – I am dedicating the remainder of the Challenge to get past this and hit the 100 mark – the hell with form.

Edit 7-8-10:  Managed to push out a not so pretty 85 during this morning’s workout!

When I set my Goals, I expected to lose more time to vacation and other impending obligations.  I have been able to work around all of those.  Found a gym in Florida and time to get in workouts.  Used the little exercise room at one hotel.  Ecked out time for the rest.  The end result:  I should hit or surpass 20 RTs and 20 CTs.  Since I have never been able to complete a workout in less than 40 minutes – actually my average is closer to 60 minutes – I will complete the 40-4-40 Challenge – my “hidden” aspirational PG4.

The only goal that is in doubt – the 100 push-ups.  How the hell did Capt DHD complete this goal so quickly? The guy is amazing.