Today is Day 5 counting down to Friday, 7/16 – the last day of the Challenge.

I have completed my RT, CT & CE Core Goals.  The 40-4-40 is down and out.  The 3600 Challenge has 12 Planks to completion.  The Century Challenge Swiss Ball Crunches – completed those ages ago – doubled the number to 200 reps at one time.  Then there is the Century Challenge of 100 push-ups.

I went to the Gym my usual early morning time.  Today was a “free-form” day since I have met my Goals.  My focus – go for the 100 push-ups. Wish I could report a win – but – at 90 my body started vibrating like a tuning fork – from my arms through my buttocks and into my legs. Hit 95 and then hit the floor – I am taking tomorrow off – completely – and will try again on Wednesday.

I actually counted to 99, but I believe that I only thought my arms where bending.  I was shaking too hard.  So I gave myself a 95.

Not sure if it was my arms or my core which gave out first.  Yes – my core.  Holding that position is akin to holding the *%#$%^& Planks.  I believe that this my be Capt DHD’s secret to success – he held varying plank positions for longer than I hold them.

I will report back on Wednesday – if I fail – there is always Friday.