Took yesterday off completely.  Nada – nothing – no exercise.  Wife could not believe that I did not go to the gym.  I threw her whole schedule out of wack.

Yesterday I allowed myself some carbs – and got to sleep early.  This morning I had a Plan B pre-workout shake.  I did not have any of my usual no-fat yogurt or no-fat chocolate milk in the house.  I scrounged around.  First had a handful of raisins, then I found a box of fruit juice left over from a visit by the grand kids.  24 grams of carbs – why do they give this crap to the kids?  Mixed that with my normal coffee-protein shake instead of water.  Added two packets of real sugar instead of fake sugar.  Tasted awful.  Drank it fast and headed for the gym.

Did a series of warm up exercises to get my muscles warm and primed for movement.  Delicate balance here – enough to warm up – but not enough to wear me out.  Finally hit the mat.

Knocked out the first 80 with no problem.  Hit 90 reps and started to suffer.  Had to get it done – this was it.  Screw it – made it to 100.  Sooooo happy.  The form – not so good.  Well form follows function.  I will work on the form over the next challenge just as I have continued to work on the proper form for chin-ups.

Since I was at the gym, I continued doing body weight exercises.  I completed the only other open exercise – planks.  Did the last 9 reps and moved on.  Did 100 more push-ups but in units of 25.  Did 25 more chin-ups (5×5) and 100 more swiss ball crunches (2×50).  That brought me to 40 minutes and I left the gym with a big grin on my face.

Thank you Luckyff for coming up with this Century Challenge.  I would never have pushed myself to do this without this little contest.