Tomorrow, July 16th is the last day of the Challenge.  The last day to get in a workout or two.  The last two Clean Eats.

I have completed all of my goals.  I have tomorrow’s eating as my last real challenge if I am going to have perfect Clean Eats.

Getting perfect Clean Eats when you are merely attempting to maintain your weight following the TNT Low Carb approach is really not all that difficult.  Most of the tough times are on the weekends, and if you plan it correctly you can time it with your Plan C, D or E re-feeds.  Yes – I could lose control completely and just drop the whole low carb thing – NOT.

Tomorrow starts with my Friday morning business breakfast.  I have a large scoop of scrambled eggs and several slices of bacon.  No gym time tomorrow.  Tomorrow night is the trick.  We are meeting friends in from Florida for an evening in the City – New York City – that is.  Dinner in the theater district and then good seats to see Billy Elliott. A mutual friend’s grandson plays the “little boy” who opens the show.  This is going to be an expensive evening – but worth it.

Oh – I have one – sort of insane compulsion going on – I am trying to round out my final numbers of the components of the 3600 Challenge.  Really – what does it matter if your goal was 800 push-ups and you have 923.  Well I am just shy of 4000.  I have been doing them at home trying to hit that  goal.  75 left to complete.  Sick – OCD – Compulsive – or just having fun.

This has been a pretty good Challenge.  A large number of people have dropped by the wayside.  Some like Skycabin and Exsanguinator are surprising.  Others – well – probably could have guessed.  I have put out a call for volunteers for the New Host Team for the Fall 52DC.  TommylandNYC and Capt DHD are up for it.  Let’s see who else throws their hat in the ring.

Well – I’m off to do another set of 25.