Yep – I am one lucky guy.  My wife is an inventive cook.  She can take most recipes and convert them to a low carb version.

Yesterday, we were going to have friends over for a swim and dinner.  Nothing fancy, just some steaks on the BBQ with veggies.  But – there she was in the kitchen working hard.  She decided to make a pie shell out of flax meal.  I did the only thing I could do – got the heck out of her way.

While it was in the oven, the question was – what to fill it with.  I suggested an egg and veggie Quiche.  The shell was made on the sweet side – so that suggestions was out.  She filled it with low carb Creme Brule.  Baked it and put it in the fridge.

Since we are on the maintenance side of this life style, she added some fresh strawberries to the top.  But first – she mashed up some of the strawberries, added fake sugar, nuked it and turned it into a sauce.  Sliced up a bunch of strawberries and mixed it together.  That was the topping.

The big question – would the shell turn into a brick?

Nope – fantastic.  One of our friends is not a dessert person.  She limits herself to just a slice of apple pie now and then.  She had two servings – as we all did .  That was the end of the pie.   All Plan A legal – except for the strawberries – but not even close to low-calorie.  This was not a “diet” dessert

The main problem – my lovely wife will have a hard time duplicating the shell.  Ah well – eating is always a low carb adventure.