The new Team of Hosts for the Fall 52DC is in place.  We have the time-tested trio of TommyLandNYC, Capt DHD and myself with the addition of wc17.  He will focus on the 5% challenge at first.  He really seems up for this.  Has a lot of energy and humor.  This will free up the Capt to be more creative with the Re-caps.

Have not figured out what I am going to do for this challenge.  Exploring HIAH.  Not sure.  I have just shy of two weeks to figure this out.

I do not want to push myself as much as I did the last Challenge.  I really need to tighten my focus.  So I will probably only do the 40-4-40 which merely reflects what I always do and is not really a challenge.  Well maybe a couple of days here and there I could shorten to 30 minutes.  This just keeps me honest.

The Summer Challenge really surprised me with the number of drop offs.  This one may actually start at a lower number since it starts in the dog days of August.  A couple of oldies but goodies have returned.  Harrid and SWF to name two.

SWF is the guy who taught me to disdain those who do curls in the squat rack.  Never knew what he meant until one of those idiots delayed my workout.  Then I knew just what angered him.

HIAH – hmm – got to buy the book.