I bought HIAH this morning.  Always looking for something different.  Hopefully, I will use this for my RT days.  CT days – well that is still up in the air.  TommylandNYC has been doing HIAH for a while.  So, I asked him about it.  Here – in part – is his response.

What separates HIAH (from anything I’ve read) is the lifting fast and “heavy” philosophy, and the emphasis on total reps over sets.

For a day labeled “heavy”, you are going for a total of 25 reps per exercise.

The weight you use is the heaviest you can lift for a Repetition Maximum (RM) of 4-6 reps on the first set – without changing form or slowing down – when either occurs you stop, rest, and go again.

It does not matter how many sets it takes, as long as you hit the total of 25 reps, on a heavy day.

Here’s what mine looked like for a barbell decline bench:

180lbs x 6
x 5
x 5
x 5
x 4

***Keep in mind you can go below 4 reps in a set, I just didn’t in this one.

On a medium weight day – your first set RM is 10-12 and a total of 40 reps.

For light day, 20-22 RMs for a total of 50 reps.

Just to give you an idea, my DB Incline Bench looked like this:

25lbs x 22
x 17
x 11

I need to read and understand, then I can move forward.  Nothing really new, just a different approach.  I will still be following the TNT approach to eating.

Edit 7-25-10:

Did Workout A of Get Ready.  It really forces you to focus on form. 

There is a choice between doing Dips or Dumbbell decline bench press.  Dips are not a problem for me.  On a good day, I can do 20 without stopping.  Focusing on Form and movement – well – 10 is still a breeze.  I may have to get one of those belts that you hang weights from.  Me – can you effing believe that – strange.

The decline bench press – not going to happen.  The bench is the same one used for decline sit-ups.  You have to mount the sucker and hook your legs in it.  Can’t do that while holding onto weights.  You either need a spotter or do it as a Barbell decline bench press.  There the barbell is in position over your head so you can go with it without help.  I will stick with the Dips.

In doing the Split Squats, I focused heavily on getting as low as possible.  My knees are not my best “joint” – thanks to my high school gym teacher who really hurt me.  But – I have been doing squats and lunges, so I am getting more of a range of motion – slowly – very slowly and carefully.

Interesting program.

I attached the Chart for Workouts A, B & C Get Ready to the new Page about HIAH.  I hope to expand that Page as I progress.