This morning was the first time through HIAH Get Ready – Workout B.  This was Medium Weight – total reps of 35 and an RM of 10-12.  Just 3 exercises.  Lat Pull-Down, Dumbbell overhead press and Squats.  This time, the weights were better matched to my RM, so the workout was a bit more effective.  Jury is still out on these workouts.

Chatted with one of the Regulars.  He is there every day during the week.  Gets there earlier than I and stays later.  He carries an old mini computer to record everything he does.  He is never without Coffee laced with creatine.  His lifts are double and triple mine.  But – he looks like the Pillsbury Dough Boy.  That may be the Creatine – but – it also  may be the way he eats.

He was saying that if he loses control, he can eat everything in the house and beyond.  He repeated that concept in a number of different permutations.  His focus was control of his perceived Gluttony.

I may – probably am – exercising as much control – maybe more.  But – my focus is what I call a Carb or Food Snob.  I will not go beyond the bounds of my eating plan unless the food is Top Shelf – really worth it.  That is my Mantra – that is the self perception that I am trying to inculcate into my being.

Mind games.  What we do to control that which we never previously controlled.  Are we learning new behaviors – or – just sticking our finger in the Dike?