Life just gets in the way.  Glad this is not in the middle of the Fall 52DC.

Tuesday night we had to pay our respects to a business associate’s family.  His mother-in-law passed.  I drove two other couples.  We ended up eating at an expensive Greek fish restaurant in Fairlawn, NJ.  Not worth it.  The cost kept me on TNT.  Got home late and since I did not have any Goals, I took Wednesday morning off. 

Wednesday night we went over to friends’ home for dinner. It was originally set at 6pm – changed to 7pm.  Food did not go on the table until 9pm.  Choices were limited, so I ate close – but no cigar.  Got home real late, so naturally could not get up to exercise this morning – Thursday. 

Friday is my BNI breakfast, so no exercising.  Then we get on the road to DC.  Saturday will be spent with others and Sunday we drive back.  The day ends with baby sitting duty. 

On Monday, I will restart HIAH Get Ready Workout A, unless something else gets in the way.

Looking forward to the 4th and the start of the next 52DC.  For some reason, I can make it happen easier when there are defined goals and daily posting hanging over my head.

So far there are only 33 or so individuals signed up, but a number of regulars have yet to check in.  The “Dog Days of August” are upon us.