After 5 days away, I was back at the gym at 6:10 this morning.  Did HIAH Get Ready Workout C as a circuit.  Finally completed week one.  Only reason I could do the circuit, summer time and the gym is pretty empty.  Still trying to find the right weights. 

The weekend in Washington, DC was fun, except for the drive down and the shore traffic.  Man that just sucks.  Plenty of time with friends and a BBQ.  Saw the Newseum – that is a Museum focused on the News Media and its history.  Very interesting.  Needed to spend a full day there, or more – not just a couple of hours.  But that is what we did while the “ladies” were at the wedding shower.

The 52DC starts Wednesday.  So far there are maybe 60 people signed on.  Two more days, and of course those who sign up, with their hat in hand on Wed, Thurs and Friday.

I am actually looking forward to this.  I need to get back to a strict regime.  Picked up a couple of pounds over the summer and they have to be gone quickly, before they become my new norm.  Nope – don’t want to allow that slow creep upwards.

Work calls.