I’ve previously mentioned that I have reached the point of needing a Dip Belt.  This is one strange development.

Over the years, there have been prior periods of time that I lost weight and exercised.  The difference is simple.  Previously, I would use the Nautilus type machines and stay clear of free weights.  I bought into the Nautilus circuit concept – completely.  Do 8-12 reps.  Once you have gotten to 12 – increase your weight.  Below 100 pounds by 5% – above 100, increase by 10%.  Built some decent looking muscles – while they lasted.

I stayed clear of almost all free weights and except for some crunches, I did virtually no body weight exercises, including push-ups.  I relied on the assisted Chin-up/Dip machine – with assist. 

This time around, with the help of the Men’s Health Forums, especially the 52DC and TNT Forum, I made the switch to free weights.  Given my “bad” back and knees, this was a leap of faith or stupidity.  I did the NROL except strength, several of the programs in the BBOE and now have started HIAH.  

No – I am not lifting heavy – in the sense of other guys – but heavy enough for me.

I added significant body weight workouts including really focusing on push-ups and chin-ups.  Sometime over the past year or so, I realized that I could now do unassisted Dips.  In fact, I can do a set of 20 on a good day, and multiple sets of 10-15.

There is the problem.  The goal is to add weight and do less reps.  A number of guys and one gal at the gym use a dip belt for Dips and Chin/Pull-ups.  Some manage to just hold a dumbbell between their feet and do the dip, as does wcmMatt, from the 52DC.  I have not been able to effectively hold the weight with my feet – just not efficient.

Last evening, I started shopping for the belt.  I hit 4 different stores, including the Sports Authority.  When I asked, they needed to call “the Guy” to ask him.  None had the belt and would not be carrying it.  In reality – most of these places were clothing stores.

I could order it on the internet, except this is the type of thing, I want to touch and feel as well as try on. 

One last place in town.  Called them.  Nope – BUT – they have a shipment arriving in 10 days.  Will call me when they arrive.

I have hung on for a year.  I can hang on for another 10 days.

Let’s be real.  I am approaching my 66th birthday.  Who the hell would expect an old – formerly fat guy – to be doing dips with a dip belt?  Just Amazing. 

Of course – I could just gain weight – NOT!