Got to the Gym early – no surprise there.  Today was to be my last HIAH Get Ready Workout.  It was a light day – meaning 20-22 Rep Max per Set with a total of 50 reps per exercise.

The Squats were interesting.  I stayed away from these for 50 + years.  Not anything I wanted to do.  But now – well – still not my best – but – I am getting better.  I warmed up with squats – hanging on to the pole.  Then I went into prisoner squats and finally did them with the bar only.  Finally I was ready for weight – not a lot – but still – 20 reps is a lot of squatting.  Because the chart said light – you really could put aside your “macho” and focus on form.  I did manage to really get into a low squat – happiness.

Push-ups – just not a problem.  Did them with my feet on a bench – but – again – really focused on form and just how low I could get to the floor.

The standing low cable pulls.  Raised the weight – again – not a problem – just did it.  I have found my form and balance – so I do not fall forward as I do the exercise.  Progress

Tomorrow is Cardio and then Wednesday starts Get Big Phase 1.  I will post the chart for that tomorrow on its own Page.

Started reading a bit of his nutritional information – no – he is not a low carber – but he is far from believing in carbs as a main source of energy.  I have more reading to do before I comment.