Today was the start of doing the HIAH Get Big program.  Here is my version of the  HIAH Get Big – Phase 1 Chart.  I need the Chart and Clip Board, otherwise I don’t know where I’m going or where I’ve been.  Don’t understand how people workout without keeping track and without a plan in front of them.

This is supposed to be a Heavy workout, meaning that you set the weight to only be able to do 4-6 reps per set to achieve a total of 25 repetitions.

In doing the Chin-ups and not having a “dip belt” to add extra weight, I focused on forum.  Slow and full hang.  Focused effort – you feel the difference.

The Barbell Decline Bench Press – well that is a new one for me.  I hate the bench.  It is difficult to get on and off.  You can not vary the angle of the decline.  I would have to bring a sit up bench over to the squat rack to achieve any variance.  I set the weight – not all that heavy – for most of you, but for a new exercise – heavy enough.  Upped it after the first round but still not real heavy.

The Dead Lifts – well I need to work on warming up.  If I can warm up sufficiently, I should be able to really increase my weight on this one.  There was a significant difference in how my back felt between the first set and the last set.  The last set was actually easier.

The Standing Single Leg Calf Raise was interesting in trying to find the right weight.  I kept upping it until I hit 50.

So far so good.  Just have to focus on form and forcing myself to up the weights.

Still reading CW’s nutritional advice.  I have previously taken the position that I do not like to receive nutritional advice from and exercise “guy.”  No change there.  He seems to be a first cousin once removed from the low carb camp.  He is also into organic foods and grass feed beef. 

Edit: 2:00pm – The local store never got its shipment of dip belts in.  Their supplier never got its shipment in from China.  They may arrive to the Supplier today, and then be shipped to the local store, which means that, I’ve got another week to wait.  Called the closest Gym Source store.  They have one belt on the shelf.  They are a 45 minute drive.  I will have to go down there over the weekend – but – “please call ahead to make sure we still have it available.”   I may yet have to go on-line.  I really did want to touch and feel and try it on first.  Ah well. 😦