Did the third workout of this Phase.   There is a misprint in the book.  It is a Heavy workout with 4-6 reps per set with a total of 25 rep max.   This was a tough workout.

The first exercise was High Pulls.  Not that they are all that difficult, but when you have never done them, there is a steep learning curve.  Just as long as I do not hit myself in the chin, I’m good.

Then Incline Dumbbell Presses.  This one I have at least done periodically.  Not all that difficult, but needed to warm up and find the right weight.

Front Squats – NOT.  My arms just will not bend into that position, so I have to cross them and use an over rather than underhand grip.  Just awkward.  Balancing the bar and finding the right weight – the whole process was less than thrilling.

Hammer Curls:  I Have not been doing curls.  Don’t want to be another Bicep Guy.  I have been doing chin-ups instead.   Got the Hammer Curls done, found a good weight – no real problems.

This past weekend was going to be a tough eating weekend.  Turned out to not be a problem.  The two restaurant meals were controllable.  The engagement party was tray upon tray of Carb laden foods.  Pasta this and pasta that.  All looked good and at one point in my life, I would have taken a large spoonful of each tray.  This time – I did not even stare at them – or walk close enough to ponder if I could find a way to eat something.

There was only one tray of salad and some salmon which did not look all that appealing.  I grabed a glass of red wine and started socializing.  When my wife and I finally decided to get some salad – all the trays were gone and only the cakes and sweet desserts where there.  Ended up eating at home.  No problem – we just had a good time chatting.

The 52DC is going well.   End of the summer and it shows.  Life can get in the way – and it is doing that to a number of people.  The rest – just keep on Truck’n.