The Good:  Started week two of HIAH Get Big Phase 1.   The last workout of the first week,  workout C did not seem all that difficult, but within 24 hours, I had muscle soreness that I haven’t had in ages.  I like that feeling – it means I am hitting areas that have not been stressed – nice. 

Now I have to force myself to up the weights – that means I have to accept the concept of being able to do a very limited number of reps at a time.  Difficult for me to get my head around that.  Usually I would drop the weight, to get more reps completed.

The Bad:  Eating, weight, etc., etc., etc.  I have varied the rules of the game.  I am going to return to my roots.  Plan B.  Tightly controlled. 

Can I do it – no choice.

It was my turn to do the Rolling Reply Wednesday Re-cap.  Skycabin – this is your fault – you started this insanity and now we live with it.  I made up a chart of all of those that signed up.  Starting last Wednesday, as I spotted something of value, I plugged it in.  If something better came along, I over wrote it.  Deleted those that did not post, done.  Sounds easier than it was.  Some people give you nothing – nada – zip – to work with.  Got it done – happiness.