The local radio has been advertising a “Chef”s Dual.”   I guess they are following the format of the various TV shows – which I don’t watch.  With their descriptive verbiage  was the phrase “healthiest.”  That is going to be one of the standards upon which the prizes will be awarded.

But – who defines healthiest?  I am just assuming it will be Low Fat since that is what the mainstream media defines as healthy.  I would love to see the winner put out a Low Carb – High Fat – TNT Plan A meal.  Not going to happen – you know it as well as I do.


This morning I finished the 2nd week of HIAH Get Big Phase 1.  Two more weeks to go.  I am really trying to up the weights every workout and follow the program as intended.  Don’t know if it is doing anything more than any other workout.  Reading the BBOE on front squats helped.  The suggestion about finding a spot on the wall that forces you to look up – was a good one.

Got home at about 7:00am and hit the pool.  Did a bunch of laps.  So nice to have warm weather and the ability to swim.  This week will be all in the 90s and then who knows.  Will probably close the pool mid September – before the falling leaves start to mess things up.  When ever we close it early – we get a heat wave and bemoan our stupidity.  If we decide to close it late – the weather turns cold and it was a waste of chemicals and electricity and time.

There are benefits of living in a warmer area.  😦

Edit 8:35pm:  Realized that I was not going to be able to get a cardio in tomorrow morning, so I just swam laps for 20+ minutes.  Doesn’t count as part of the 40-4-40 but sure as hell counts as a CT.  My arms are limp – especially since I did Workout C (Heavy Weights) this morning.  High Pulls, Incline dumbbell bench press and Hammer Curls.  Feels good.  Have to keep my 52DC numbers up – way too many bumps in the road on the horizon.