When I started this Blog, I did so without any real intended purpose.  It was a component of the 52DC and a means by which I could expand on my daily posts.  It was a more detailed log of my diet and exercise program.   That was a long time ago.

As I got “into” writing a journal, I found that it was a way for me to explore my own thoughts.  By putting them down in writing – at least digitally – I could review them, reflect upon them and in the end expand my thinking.   I could clarify my analysis of what was happening and try to make sense out of it. 

On the TNT Forum there was a post today entitled: New TNT’r Starting up in a week! by vit14645. In that post, he stated:

It’s funny, because a few weeks ago I was just surfing the web at work (I know, bad bad me..and I’m the IT Admin lol) and I came across the website. Clicking here and there I came to some posts by TNTman and was eventually led to his Blog…and let me tell you, TNT man, your blog became a quick addiction for me to read in my downtime and is truly what got me off my ass and out to the book store to buy the guide.

This was never intended. I never really thought that anyone would be reading this, except a couple of other 52DC Challengers.

I am glad that my meanderings have had a positive impact. Surprises the hell out of me – but – in a good way.

Now – do I have to live up to some new standard – naw – just keep doing what I’ve been doing.  

And – if you have any comments to make on my posts – please do – always fun to get other opinions.  Hiya