In the September 2010, issue of Men’s Health, on page 92 is an article entitled The Road Less Sweetened. It is the first person tale of a guy who swears off sugar for 4 weeks. Interesting article/story.

What I find the most telling is the similarity of his physical reactions to the first 4 weeks of TNT Plan A.

The difference is that he only eliminated sugar and its first cousins – not all carbohydrates. No indication of what his actual carb intake was – but it has got to be more than TNT Plan A.   Reading between the lines, he does not increase his fat intake, nor is he doing any real exercise.  Some interesting notes from that article:

  • He relates having a headache and sluggish mood, wondering if he is having Sugar withdrawal.
  • Indicates that the average American consumes 500 calories of sugar a day.
  • Diet Soda may condition people to crave sweets, although CO2 on the tongue maybe the real reason we drink soda.
  • Humans were not designed to consume that much sugar or to get sustenance from liquids.
  • 10 days into his fast, his cravings for sugar subside.
  • Sleeps better and is overall calmer.
  • Has more energy and does not need an afternoon nap.
  • At the end of the 4 weeks, his blood work has improved and h’s lost 6 pounds – dropping 2 more a couple of days later.

So – the question presents itself: Is the Plan A reaction that some individuals have, due to the reduction in carbs or just the sub set of carbs – simple sugars?  I do not believe that I have come across any studies that separate the two.  Usually, sugar reduction is just the by-product of overall carb reduction.  It would be interesting to know.

This may well be a hint as to why some individuals have a more significant negative impact during the first couple of weeks of eating Plan A – they were more sugar dependent – not Ketosis.

I had already reduced a significant amount of my sugar and simple carb intake prior to starting the diet.  Maybe that is the reason I did not have a real problem.