On the TNT and 52DC Forums, we constantly tell people to throw out their scale. Stop letting the scale be your guide,. It is all about body composition. How does your clothing fit? Is it getting looser in the waist and tighter across the chest? We celebrate buying a pair of pants one size smaller.

Now comes a news report that waist sizing may be one big lie – another marketing ploy. Check out this news video about Pant Sizes.

I understand this and take multiple sizes into the dressing room. Jeans – are always sized so that you think they are smaller than they are. Dress pants – well they are more accurate – unless they are advertised as slim fit – then they go for the ego.

A friend – who has spent a lifetime in the clothing manufacturing business – clued me in on this.  He measured and showed me how the size on the tag was just not accurate.  Damn.

My ego is as tempted by this ploy as the next guy’s. So – mirror, mirror on the wall – how the effe do these look on me?