This week is HIAH Phase 1A – Unloading.  I did Workout A this morning.  It is 3 different workouts – each workout is 3 exercises and are to be done once.  Did A today, B will be on Thursday and C on Sunday.   Unloading – interesting phrase.  Had to search the HIAH forum to get an understanding,  “Active Rest and Recovery”  You are doing light workouts that are keeping you active but allowing your muscles to recover.  Not sure that I buy it, but I will follow the program.  Had to add a couple of sets of Chin-ups and 5 minutes on the Hand Bike – just to stretch the workout to 40 minutes and make TJAK happy.  I will add a Page to my HIAH comments with a copy of the Workout chart I carry around.  May take me a day or two – but it will be there.

I am pretty happy with my 52DC progress to date.  I had not pushed to an extreme this Challenge.  I thought there would be more things interrupting my workouts.  Here are my numbers as of yesterday:

My 52DC numbers for Monday, September 13, 2010, Day 41 (78.85%):

CE: 82/82/96 (85.42%)
RT: 18/20 (90%)
CT: 20/20 (100%)
PG1 (40-4-40): 36/40 (90%)

With the 40 minute RT this morning, I have one more RT and 3 more 40 minute workouts to complete this challenge.

After the workout, I went to vote – Primary Day.  Today was the start of NEW machines.  You filled in those little circles on paper ballots and then they scanned them in.  Picked up my ballot and walked to a privacy stand to fill out the ballot.  Then walked over to the scanning machine – which was not working.  Three monitors where standing around trying to get the thing to work.  One was on the phone with the Tech.  I sat down and waited, and waited.  Finally they got it working.  No one knew if the ballot was to go in face up or down.  I read the machines directions – face up.  I was #1.

Walked over to another district’s table.  It was staffed by a Husband and Wife team who I know.  They are about my age – give or take a year.  Our sons went to school together.  He was their Chemistry teacher.  He retired close to 10 years ago at age 55.  At his retirement party, I asked him what he was going to do for the next 30 years.  His response:  ” I’m not going to work, I’ve put in my time.”  He has stayed true to his word.   They volunteer to staff the voting centers – that is 3 to 4 times a year.  And – he eats.  He was up to 330 pounds. 

I was in my gym clothes, so she asked me if I was taking the day off from work.  Nope – just voting on the way back from the gym.  And then the discussion started about exercise and diet.  He has lost 30 pounds from just cutting back his food.  She on the other hand, is as skinny as a thin pencil – way to skinny – not healthy looking at all. 

It was a slow morning at the voting center, so a couple of other retirees – who were not manning the tables – joined the discussion about weight loss and exercise.  All are carrying around an extra 30+ pounds.  Each had a different understanding of what a healthy diet should be.  All ignore their own advice.

My sole comment – “what ever works for you.”  Not going to get into an in-depth discussion.  They looked at me and could make their own determination as to what works.