Got walloped yesterday with a nasty stomach.  I assumed it was a simple matter of having forgotten to take a Lactaid pill with dinner on Tuesday night.  I had an evening meeting Tuesday and they brought in dinner.  Really had to restrict what I ate.  Had a bit of salad, some of the chicken Marsala and scraped the topping off of one slice of white pizza.  Ah – all cheese – no pill – bad mistake.

End result – bad night’s sleep and could not work out yesterday morning.  Ate next to nothing all day and continued to go down hill.  Not the way it should have gone for one small amount of cheese.  Slept close to 12 hours last night and could not get up to workout this morning.   Sill eating next to nothing although I am at work.  Obviously, this has nothing to do with not taking the blasted pill.

The positive – the scale weight this morning was just shy of wonderful.  The bad – well that is just TMI to share.

Lost my bet with awccpa and I had to host today’s 52DC.  It is about my highest level of functioning.  Posted the thread title as Wednesday.  Took one subtle and one not so subtle hint to get me to correct my mistake.

Just praying that what ever has steam rolled over me passes quickly so I can finish the last 3 – 40 minute workouts – one of which must be an RT.