Strange things a-happening.  On September 7th, I re-counted in this blog a give and take that happened on the 52DC Forum.  Basically, two individuals made comments concerning Low Carbing which indicated that they did not have a full understanding of Low Carbing and/or the TNT program.  One of those individuals was VictoR, a long-term member of the 52DC, who pre-dates my membership.

He is a really focused guy who keeps tight control on both his diet and his exercise program.  He has made fantastic progress in his fitness goals.  No question – the guy is a model for the rest of us.  He has also been following the Abs Diet approach to eating.  Nothing wrong there – if – and only if – you really follow it – most don’t.

Well check out this TNT Forum post from VictoR. Yep – he is giving TNT a try – and has been doing it for the past 7 days. What really indicates the type of Guy he is – he posted on the Forum and acknowledged that he was giving it a try. Way to go VictoR, you lead by example.

As much as the TNT eating plan has worked effectively for me and many others, I intellectually understand that not everyone is able to follow this program.  His willingness to try something new, shows that he is open to different approaches.  We wish him luck.