Starting Wednesday morning, I felt like misery.  By Wednesday evening, I felt like hell and slept close to 12 hours.  Minimal food and I do mean minimal on Wednesday and Thursday.  By Thursday evening, started to rebound and had a light dinner.  Friday and Saturday were pre set obligations.  End result, no workouts for 4 days.  This was to be my HIAH “unloading” or active rest workout week.

Got to the gym this morning.  Decided to re-do workout A, and do B and C on Tuesday and Thursday.  Start the next HIAH active phase on the following Saturday or Sunday.  Wow — I had to pull back on even the light weights I did the prior Tuesday.  Amazing!  That stomach flu or what ever, really undercut my energy levels.  Doesn’t matter.  I got the workout in and will do a full week of not so stressful workouts.  Starting this coming weekend, I should be ready to go gun’s blazing.

I am enjoying reading VictoR ‘s experience with the TNT eating plan.  He seems to really be giving it a good try.  It took him 12 days to recoup his energy levels so he felt comfortable working out and running.  Kudos to him for sticking it out during the toughest part.  Many individuals I know, give up at that point.  They assume it is forever and that they can not live without their heavy reliance on carbs.  It speaks to their unwillingness to understand the process and give it a chance.  Their loss.