Started HIAH Get Big Phase 2 – Workout A this morning.  Always fun to start a new aspect of a program.  You fumble around to hit the right weights. 

This workout load was “Super Heavy.”  Now that is just funny.  2-3 rep sets with a total maximum reps of 15.

Chin-ups:  I do not do pull-ups or overhand grip since this puts too much pressure on my left rotator cuff and I am super careful on that issue.  I can do 4-5 full hang chin-ups and maybe 8-10 at 80% hang.  So, I wore a belt and hung a 25 pound weight from it.  WRONG.  Reduced it to 10 pounds and was able to knock out sets of 2.  This was difficult.

Dips:  I can do 10-15 and on a good day 20 unassisted dips.  I added 25 pounds around my waist and was able to do this exercise.  I can see myself pushing it up to 35 pounds.

Hack Squat:  Bluntly – I was afraid of this one – never having done it.  Warmed up with just the bar and then put 25 pounds on each side.  No problem.  Increased it to 35 pounds – still no problem.  Then 45 pounds on each side – still no problem.  Next time around I will start at 55 on each side and see how it goes.  This surprised me.  For some reason, these are easier for me than any other squat.

Single Leg Calf Raises:  This is a problem.  The heaviest dumbbell I can hold in one hand is 50 pounds.  This does not stress my calf muscles enough and I can do 10 at a time.  Not sure how to fix this.

All in all – pretty good morning.  I have posted the Chart for this Phase in my Pages. Check it out and have fun using it.

I believe that I am going to be switching back to Plan B.  I have been on Plan A but it is just not right.  I know what the problem is – I have let my eating slip.  Need to tighten my basic eating and expand to Plan B to augment my workouts.