They cleared out an area in my gym for Personal Trainers to work with their clients.  We lost two calf machines which were underutilized but still of value.  Such is life in a gym.

I was doing cable exercises near the new PT area.  The one PT had his client doing exercises with the new Sand Bag.  Here is a YouTube video of this type of workout.


My Dad owned an animal feed business some 50 years ago.  For those in more rural areas – he had the local Feed Store.  In those days the chicken and dairy cattle feed was in 100 pound bags, first cotton, then burlap, then paper and finally the industry went to bagless or bulk feed.  Since he serviced a series of Mink farms, there were also 50 pound bags.

His business was along a train track.  A train car would be dropped off by the warehouse and he would have a certain number of hours to off load his portion of that rail car.  The drop off might be at 8am or 2am – did not matter.  It had to be off loaded within the limited time alotted.  My older brother and I would be back up helpers if his employee did not show, which was more often than not.  So from the time I was 14-15 or so, I would be called in to help unload.  You would pick up the bag, place it on a hand truck and pile 100 pound bags 5 high.  Wheel them into the warehouse and place them in the storage spot.  Same thing with the 50 pound bags.

Eventually, that rail line was discontinued and we had to meet the train about 10 miles from the warehouse.  This meant that we had to off load to the truck and then from the truck into the warehouse – double the work.

My dad was a polio survivor.  His one leg was a stick and one arm was partially affected.  Yet I watched him place a 100 pound bag on each shoulder and move it into the warehouse – faster than I could load the hand truck.  An amazingly strong man.

The Feed Store no longer exists.  Those days are gone.

All this came to mind as I watched the PT have this poor guy pick up what was probably a 30 pound sand filled bag with “handles” – that’s right – handles – what a wimp. 

Lifting those bags was our obligation – simple – no arguments.   Now – I would have to pay $100 a session to do the same thing.

And even tho I did all that physical labor ………… I was still a fat kid – kinda looked like the Pillsbury Dough Boy.